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Rifle Range

25, 40, 50 and 100 yard backstops

You must sign in when you enter to use the rifle or handgun range.

You must sign out when you leave. 

The Log Sheet is in the black mailbox at the Range.  Entries must be legible.

Thank you for observing the rules, and being courteous and safe on the range.

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​​Range Rules


1.  SAFETY comes first and always.

2.  Members only, members not allowed to bring guests to the range.

3.  No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.

4.  Membership cards must be hung prior to shooting.

5.  No member under the age of 16 will be allowed to shoot unless accompanied by an adult member.

6.  Range hours are: 8:00 'til sunset Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am 'til sunset on Sunday.

7.  Range will be closed on Saturdays following the Friday fish stockings, on Wednesdays from noon on during the archery shoots and all day Sunday during Block Shoots.

8.  No cans or bottles (of any type), clay birds, explosive targets or any other type of target allowed.  PAPER TARGETS ONLY.

9.  No rapid firing.  Allow 2 seconds between shots.

10. ABSOLUTELY no automatic weapons or .50 BMG weapons allowed.

11. No tracers or armor piercing rounds of any type allowed; this includes green tip and black tip ammunition.

12. No shooting at or above target frames.

13. 25 yard target is for .22 RIMFIRE and handguns only.  NO CENTERFIRE RIFLES OR SHOTGUNS AT ANY TIME.

     * 40 yard target is for shotguns only no shot loads - no slugs.

     * 50 and 100 yard targets are for rimfire rifles,centerfire rifles, handguns,slugs, and muzzleloaders.

14. All shooting is to be done from the benches at the designated Club target frames; no other target frames may be used.  NO midrange shooting.

15. No cross-firing at any time; shoot in your lane only.

16. Before anyone moves forward of the firing line, unload your weapon, open action, and be sure others have done the same.  NO ONE is to handle a firearm while anyone is downrange.

17. No more than 10 rounds per magazine at any time.

18. Please remove all targets after shooting and other trash, and place in trash barrel.  Police up all unwanted brass and live rounds and place in the small blue barrel.  Empty shotgun shells may be thrown in the trash barrel.

19. When others are waiting, please be courteous and limit your shooting time.​ ​


Have a nice and safe time at YOUR Range.


Block Shoots​

Blue Mountain Fish and Game Block Shoots are held throughout the year and are announced in our NEWSLETTER.  Shoots are open to the public.  Refreshments and food are available during the event. Raffles are held throughout the day.

Block Shoot Sponsors​

Would you like to have your business or name displayed and announced at a Block Shoot?  Become a sponsor or shoot prize(s) or even sponsor a Block Shoot ticket.  You can donate as little as $25.00 to help sponsor a shoot.  There can be multiple sponsors for a shoot.  Sponsorship can also be a way to honor a family member, such as for their military services at a November Shoot which is around Veteran's Day.  If you'd like to sponsor a shoot, visit our CONTACT page to contact our Block Shoot Representative.

Block Shoot Help Needed​

As with all of Blue Mountain Fish and Game events and activities, the Club could sure use your help at upocoming Block Shoots.  We have a special need for floor ticket sellers and target hangers. If you can help the entire time or for just a few hours, it would be greatly appreciated.


Gun Raffle Tickets

Please call Dan Neff at 484-523-1934 for details.


Proceeds benefit the

Improvement Fund




                             Be sure to check our NEWSLETTER for event dates.



                             Please visit our CONTACT page to contact our Range Chairman. 

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