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ByLaws and Policies

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Blue Mountain Fish & Game Association

Constitution & ByLaws

Revised April 2013



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The name of the organization is “BLUE MOUNTAIN FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION”

Located at: 4190 Wood Dr. Walnutport, Pa.

Incorporated: May 1947



The objects of this organization shall be:

  • To endeavor by concerted efforts to further true sportsmanship.

  • To assist the Game, Fish, and Water Departments of Pennsylvania.

  • To bring about more friendly relationship between landowners and sportsman.

  • To make improvements and purifications of our streams, and land, and to assist forestation and control vermin.

  • To afford facilities for rifle, pistol, shotgun, and archery, and other kindred sports.

  • To assist the community and other organizations for the betterment of the Association.

  • To conduct business according to Robert’s Rules of Order unless otherwise specified by these.



Blue M0untainFish And Game does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicits, color, national origin, sex, disability, veteran status or age.




The Officers of this association shall be elected yearly, and consist of the Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary Treasurer), and Five Board of Directors. Due to circumstances, the Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer may be combined in any combination with the approval of the President, Vice President and Board of Directors.  All new offices (to be filled) shall be nominated at the second and forth Tuesday in the month of August and September new officers shall be elected the second Tuesday in October. New officers shall assume their official duties the Fourth meeting of October at the Executive Session




The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint all temporary and permanent committees, and carry out other duties as specified by this Constitution and ByLaws. He/she shall see that the various officers perform their respective duties and appoint all committees, created by the Constitution and ByLaws or by vote of the Association. He/she shall call special meetings when requested, or necessary for betterment of the Association. The President shall also perform all duties as requested of him/her by the Association.

The President shall call a meeting of the new Board of Directors at the Second meeting in October, to appoint a Board Chairman. The President shall appoint a member to fill any official vacancy or vacancies caused by death or by resignation of any officer or officers whichever the cause may be. The member appointed should be considered temporary for sixty days; after sixty days that person will be considered permanent for the office for the remaining term.


He/she shall assume the duties of the President in the absence or vacancy of the President.                                                                                                                                


He/she shall keep a written record of the proceedings of all regular and special meetings (these records will remain at the club). He/she will acknowledge all communications promptly and present the same at next regular or special meeting. He/she shall have a record of all committees appointed by the President. He/she shall have in their possession the official seal of the Association, which shall be used on all official communications.                                             



He/she gives a report of all bills and income at the first meeting of each month, and an annual quarterly report of transactions of their office. If he/she is unable to attend a meeting, they shall arrange for the books and papers to be delivered to the Recording Secretary. He/she shall have charge of all monies of the Association, and sign all checks jointly with either the President, Vice President, or Board Chairman He/she shall pay all bills that are properly approved. He/she shall deposit all monies in the designated bank of the Association either in checking or savings under the name of Blue Mountain Fish & Game Association.



He/she shall keep a correct account between each member and the Association. He/she shall issue to all members in good standing upon receipt of their annual dues, a membership card provided by the Association. The membership card shall be signed by the President.   He/she shall notify each member bi-annually in the form of a newsletter that their dues are due and the annual fee for membership must be paid by a certain date, or suspension of membership will occur.



  1. The Kitchen Manager must be a member in good standing and passed the necessary food prep and safe handling classes or will do so when elected. This will an elected position Nomination and election of the kitchen Manager shall occur at the same time as the nomination and election of Officers.

  2. Maintain an accurate inventory of products needed for the overall operation of the kitchen.

  3. Purchase and/or delegate the purchasing of needed food and materials.

  4. Maintain and coordinate a list of prices of items to be sold at club functions.

  5. Maintain Records of hours volunteered to be submitted to the Officers and Board.





The Board of Directors along with the Executive Officers shall receive all complaints of any violations in the Association, and have full charge of all property. The Board of Directors and Executive Officers shall have the power to ask for the resignation of any officer or member whose conduct or actions has been found and proved as unbecoming as a member of this Association. The Board of Directors and Executive Officers shall have the power to enter into any agreement solely or jointly with any or all committees for purpose by which this Association will benefit financially or publicly that deem suitable. They shall hold a meeting   before a regular club meeting for discussion of prior  business of the Assoc. 


Election of Officers


a.  Vote for three out of five who served the previous year to serve the upcoming Year (This is to take place last meeting in August). Two New Board Members shall be nominated in August and elected in October to make a total of five Board members to serve the upcoming year. (NOTE: A Chairman is to be appointed by the President after elected as covered in Section III 2 a.)




All members nominated for office must be an ACTIVE member for five consecutive years, or be approved by the Board of Directors if they have attended at least six meting from the 1st meeting in October to the 2nd meeting in August.






a.  Any reputable law abiding person shall be eligible to membership in this Association, after they have completed an application, and approved by the membership at the first meeting of the month. The Board of Directors and Executive Officers shall handle any questions concerning proposed memberships. Newly approved members are on a thirty-day probation period, and after that period voting privileges are granted. A proposed member can use all the facilities prior to actual approval of membership.

b.  Any violation of the fish or game laws or rules set forth by the club by a member of this Association shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers, who shall compile the facts of the case and present them to the Association for disposition.  

c.  Members of this Association wishing to make a complaint of a violation of the fish and game laws shall do so through the Board of Directors and Executive Officers, who shall at their discretion notify the proper authorities, forwarding all the necessary information. All such communications shall be in the name of the Association,and be strictly confidential.

d.  A member may be expelled only after receiving written notice of the proposed expulsion, such notice identifying the reason for the expulsion and proposed effective date of expulsion. The member being expelled shall be given an opportunity to be heard either orally or in writing, at a hearing to be held not less than five days before the effective date of the proposed expulsion. The hearing will be held by the Board of Directors and Executive Officers in   accordance with the quorum and voting rules set forth in these ByLaws applicable to meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers. The notice to the member of their proposed expulsion shall state the date, time and place of the hearing on their proposed expulsion. Following the hearing, the Board shall decide whether or not the member should in fact be expelled, suspended or sanctioned in some other way. The Board of Directors and Executive Officers decision is final.  


e.  Ages 0 to 5 will receive free membership if parent or guardian is a member, otherwise they are considered a junior member, ages 6 to 15 is a junior member, 16 years of age and older is considered an Adult member. Junior members are not allowed on the Club property unless they are accompanied by an Adult Member. The dues for membership in Association shall be established and approved by a vote of members present at a regular meeting, and kept on record by Recording and Financial Secretaries. (See amendment page for current fees) Membership renewal must occur before April 1 of the year in question, if not you lose your consecutive years as a member, and must rejoin. 



a.  A member must have ten consecutive years to qualify for Life Membership and serve a minimum of two (2) consecutive years as an Officer, Board member or Chairman of a designated committee. There is a limit of seventy life members, a list will be established and filled as a vacancy occurs. (See amendments for age group and current fees.)



1.    BUDGET


The newly elected Executive Officers and Board shall meet the first week of November to develop a general operating budget to be presented at the first meeting of January. 



a.  Upon presentation of a bill for any expenses at any meeting and upon approval by the majority of members present; the said bills shall be paid out of the Clubs Treasury funds.

b.  In case monies are needed for any special purpose, the same must first be approved by two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting.

c.  See amendments for account balance limitations.

d.  Emergency funds can be allocated by approval of both the President and Vice President.




a.  All income generated by activity fees, membership fees, part1cipation fees, or any other Association sponsored function, must be turned over to the Treasurer within four 4) weeks after the event or function. Any Sponsored single event ,i.e. Block shoot, Big Buck Contest, Day at the Lake, must submit a tally Sheet showing income & expenses within a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of the function or event.

b.  All dues or fees regardless of activity or event, shall be presented to the Association for approval.




1.    QUORUM


At least four Board of Directors or Executive Officers and members in good standing, totaling seven shall be constituted as a quorum to conduct business or hold any meeting of the Association.




a.  The regular meeting of this Association shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month. On the fouth Tuesday of each month, an Executive Session will be held and if needed committee(s) or individual(s) requested to appear by the Board.

b.  Any officer of the Association missing two meetings in a row without a reasonable excuse shall be dropped as an officer of the Association. If the work schedule of officer changes, causing that officer from attending meetings for an indefinite period, that officer shall be replaced as covered in Section III Paragraph 2a.

c.  All members of all committees that have been appointed by the President, missing four meetings in a row without a reasonable excuse shall be dropped as a member of such committee. The President shall declare that position then vacant, and shall in that case immediately fill such vacancy.

d.  The President shall have the power to call a special meeting with the consent from the Board of Directors.

e.  Any member or members of this Association who do not conduct themselves Properly shall be evicted from the meeting and be given a warning, and on the second offence is expelled from the Association. Upon presentation of their membership card, this member shall not have their dues refunded. Also, this member shall not be eligible for membership to the Association for a period of one year from the time of expulsion.

f.  A special officers meeting can be called for an emergency purpose, when time is of the essence and all Officers are not available. Any officer that attends this special emergency meeting; their decision will be honored by the Association.



Committees or Directors; The Board of Directors, by resolution, may create one or more committees. Each such committees shall serve at the pleasure of the Board individuals not serving as directors of this organization may be named to the committee at the pleasure of the Board, A member shall be named to serve on a committee by affirmative action by the Board of Directors. The term of an individual not serving as a Director of the organization, shall be from November 1 until October 31. All provisions of the law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and these ByLaws relating to meetings, action without meetings, notice and waiver of notice, quorum, and voting requirements of the Board of Directors shall apply to such committees and their members.


Dues and Fees


All dues and fees, regardless of event, shall de set forth by the Executive Officers and Board.




This Constitution and ByLaws may be altered or amended only by two thirds majority vote at a special or regular meeting; providing such amendments or alterations have been read and approved at two previous meetings. See Policy for submission of ByLaws.

Blue Mountain Fish & Game Association


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Committees And Miscellaneous



a.  A member or members of this committee, or any designated person(s), shall be present at the distribution of any game received; either through the co-operation of the Pa. Game Commission or the efforts of the Association. Game shall be distributed on the Associations properties only or designated state game lands as approved by the Association.


  • The Fish and Lake Committee shall be responsible for all events and activities involving the use of the lake and immediate area. The committee shall also supervise the maintenance of the lake and immediate area.

  • A member or members of this committee shall be present at the distribution of fish received; either through the co-operation of the Pa. Fish Commission or the efforts of this Association.

  • They shall be responsible for the operation of the refreshment stand at the lake.

  • Fishing button/permits, contest fees and lake rules will be established by this committee and presented for approval at a regular meeting of the Association. The lake will open on the day agreed upon by the Association and close the day before the start of early small game. The Chairman of this Committee may spend monies from the Lake Petty Cash fund, for purposes of conducting business at the lake, without approval of the Association. NOTE: See fee section of the Policies for current fees and attached Lake Rules.




a.  The members of this committee shall be responsible for the up-keep of the archery practice butts and course. They shall install paper targets when needed on the practice butts and bales throughout the established course. They shall be responsible for coordinating g 3-0 shoots on the Association's property, and participation in the League activities. A member(s) or a designate shall be present at all Archery Committee sponsored events. The Committee Chairman can spend up to designated amount set forth by the Association without approval, anything over the set amount must be approved by the Association. They can maintain a Petty Cash balance set forth by the Association, all other monies must be turned over to Club Treasurer. They are responsible for collecting an fees set forth by Association for Archery. Archery rules apply. NOTE: See fee section of the Policies for current fees and attached Archery Rules.


  • The members of this committee shall be responsible for holding shoots on set dates, on the Associations property. All fees and dates proposed by this committee must be approved by the Association.

  • Committee will meet in May and October to develop the event ticket and prizes for the respective Newsletter in July and December.


a.  The members of this committee shall be responsible for the up-keep of the rifle range located on the Associations property. The rifle range is open all year long with exceptions of certain days such as, Lake Stocking Weekends, Archery Shoot Days, Block Shoot Sundays and any other day(s) that a club function is deemed to close it for safety purposes. Rifle range rules apply. A list of Rifle Range rules must be presented to the club yearly for approval and new dated rules posted at the range.


a. The members of this committee (which consists of officers only) shall draw up and present at a regular or special meeting any alterations or changes to this Constitution and ByLaws that they deem necessary. Any changes must be voted on at three consecutive meetings and must be accepted by two-thirds vote to be passed as a change in the ByLaws. All ByLaw proposals must be submitted by the first meeting in December to be acted on by the first meeting in January.


a.  The duties of this committee shall be to audit the books of the Treasurer and any committee of the Association. The head of the Board will call for all audits. A general audit of the Associations Funds shall occur at the Executive Meeting in February and July of the previous 6 month period. The auditing committee shall consist of a quorum of the Executive Officers and the Treasurer. This committee will also be responsible for presenting tax documents at the March Executive Session for review and approval by the Club's Executives.


a.  This committee shall be responsible for handling all hall rentals, they shall make sure a contract is sent to lessee and deposit and payment is made. They shall keep a record of monies and rentals. There must be one officer or appointed designate present during all building rentals. Other details of building rental is covered under the Rental Contract. A signed hall rental agreement must be submitted by any person/persons or organization using club facilities.

Any organization renting the facilities must present a certificate of insurance upon request of the Association. Any special rentals must be approved by the Board of Directors and Executive Officers. The Chairperson of this committee must present a Hall Rental Proposal at the November Executive Session for approval for the upcoming year. The committee is also responsible for developing and maintaining a current hail monitor list. The Club Rental agreement developed for the Association must be submitted, reviewed, approved, and attached yearly.



a.  The members of this Committee shall be responsible for overseeing, accounting, and reporting of the Small Games of Chance sponsored by Blue Mountain Fish and Game Association or held on the Association's property.. These raffles should abide by all local and state laws. The chairman should have copies of all receipts and records, and shall give a complete annual report of all income and expenses of such events.



a.  The Ladies Auxiliary shall be consist of any member in good standing of the Association that wishes to join the auxiliary. They shall abide by the Associations Bylaws. They will hold elections once a year for officers, which will consist of President, Vice President and Recording Secretary. They will be governed by the Board of Directors and Executive Officers of the Association, and shall hold monthly meetings, and give a report of all activities to the Association at the I st meeting of the month. They shall be responsible for events set forth by the Association and themselves (Auxiliary). They shall maintain a petty cash balance set by the Association, and turn all monies that exceed set balance over to the club Treasurer. They may purchase supplies as needed to hold events or functions, without approval of the Association.



(To be determined)


a.  Financial Balance Limitations:  The Association's Treasury balance can not go below $10,000. If so, no unnecessary spending as deemed by the Executive Officers shall occur.

b.  If any member is to be found in violation of a club policy an incident report must be completed and filed with the Board no later than 30 days after the alleged incident

c.  Unless otherwise stated, no outside alcoholic beverages are permitted at a Club sponsored event. Requests for alcoholic beverages must be presented.

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